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Improving Food Security and Population Health for Vulnerable Families

How has the lack of collaboration among community food programs (CFPs) negatively impacted the resources and service offered to food insecure families? This commentary examines this question through the review of challenges facing CFPs and what can possibly be done to improve both effectiveness and efficiency within and between CFPs. By delving into these challenges, we track the fracturing of relationships between the CFPs, the lack of process management, and the opportunities missed by adhering to out dated practice models.  We conclude with concrete solutions to improve the operational processes for CFPs and offer a new way to collaborate in order to report meaningful impacts to the community and their struggles with food insecurity.

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Tri-County Map of Food Insecurity Organizations

The goal of this project is to address a problem in the Peoria area through a public relations campaign. We are working to address a couple of problems involving the food desert in Peoria; the first is the lack of communication between food pantry/bank owners and managers. They can use this map as a resource to learn more about other food insecurity organizations in the tri-county area and, ideally, encourage more collaborative work between them.

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