Behavioral Health

Goal: To improve mental health through prevention and access to services for the residents of the trip-county region. Reduce substance abuse among tri-county residents, especially youth.

Behavioral Health Committee

Behavioral Health was prioritized by all three counties. The Behavioral Health Committee purpose was to create a goal, objectives and strategies around access, mental health, substance abuse and suicides.  This group met a total of five times to finalize the dashboard that is presented in the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The Behavioral Health Committee created a steering committee to implement the CHIP forward due to the complexity of the priority.  The Steering Committee members include: Beth Derry, Peoria Regional Office of Education; Cheree Johnson, Advocate Hospital; Dean Steiner, Unity Point Health, Diyva Joshi, OSF Healthcare; Joanie Montoya, Advocate Eureka Hospital; Kati Johnston, Peoria Police Department; Mike Eeten, Pekin Police Department; and Nancy Hinnen, United Way with the support of Peoria City/County Health Department.

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Behavioral Health Strategies

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