Partnership for a Healthy Community

Partnership for a Healthy Community

“The connection between the health and the dwelling of the population is one of the most important that exists.” Florence Nightingale

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Healthy HOI is a community-driven partnership to improve health and wellness in the Heart of Illinois (HOI).


Community Health
Our Vision

Developed by community partners and the general public in Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford Counties, the Community Health Improvement Plan guides our tri-county vision of a thriving community that ensures the opportunity for health and wellbeing of all.

The Four Priorities
Our Focus

Our four identified priority areas include Behavioral Health, Healthy Eating + Active Living, Cancer, and Reproductive Health. Click below to read about the issues, the ongoing action plans, and how you can get involved to improve health in our community.

Calendars + Events
take action

Check out the latest Healthy HOI meeting and event schedule, browse our extensive list of tri-county area community calendars, newsletters and resources, and find out how and where you can participate in improving the health of yourself and your community.


Community Health Improvement

The Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) process is a community-driven strategic planning process for improving community health. This framework helps communities apply strategic thinking to prioritize public health issues and identify resources to address them. MAPP is not an agency-focused assessment process; rather, it is an interactive process that can improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately the performance of local public health systems.  Click below to discover the process, priorities and assessments involved in this interactive plan for action to improve the health of our communities.


The Four Priorities

Our partnership has developed a process of analyzing actionable data to identify health needs and priorities, including those related to health disparities, health inequities, and the social determinants of health. Through this process we have identified four key priority areas: 


Behavioral Health

Improve mental health through prevention and access to services for the residents of the trip-county region. Reduce substance abuse among tri-county residents, especially youth.

Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL)

Increase the number of individuals and youth who meet the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Increase the number of individuals and youth who meet the recommended levels of weekly physical activity.


Reduce the illness, disability and death caused by breast and lung cancer in the tri-county area.

Reproductive Health

Improve and promote reproductive and sexual health of adolescents and young adults.



To promote the use of evidence-based resources to improve health, the Partnership developed a broad network of area organizations by Helping Others Provide Encouragement (HOPE) Network. In 2015, to address the changing needs of the community, the Partnership again leveraged community efforts to focus on strategic health priorities as identified the following year in the 2016 Tri-County Community Health Plan for Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford Counties.



Check out our vast collection of valuable health and wellness resources for Healthy Eating, Youth Wellness, Community Agencies and Organizations, Health & Fitness, Social Emotional Wellness, and Community Health.


Events and Community Calendars

Check out the latest Healthy HOI meetings and events, and browse our extensive list of tri-county area community calendars, newsletters and resources throughout the Central Illinois region.