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Our priority areas for 2023-2025 include Healthy Eating + Active Living, Obesity, and Mental Health. Click below to read about the issues, the ongoing action plans, and how you can get involved to improve health in our community.

Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL)

Improve overall healthy eating and physical activity in the Tri-County region. Improve accessibility of healthy food through the support of community gardens by 10% and increase adults reporting that they exercise 1-5 days per week by 1%.

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Reduce the proportion of residents with obesity in the Tri-County region, including adolescents by 1% and adults by 2%.

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Mental Health

Improve mental health, specifically suicide, depression, and anxiety within the Tri-County Region.  Decrease the number of suicides in our region by 10%. Increase the proportion of children and adults who get treatment by 10%

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